Thursday, 19 December 2019

Bible Q&A: The Hope Of The Christian - What does the Bible actually say?

While many at Xmas are thinking about the birth of Christ, this short talk examines the hope, (that as committed Christians) associating ourselves with his death really offers. The Hope offered to all believers is rooted in the ancient promises to Abraham, the Father of Israel. The Hope of Israel is expressed when the angel visited Mary to announce the birth of the Son of God. This Hope is offered to all.

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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

WOW..Bible Prophecy being fulfilled NOW! World News - God's Plan

“As Britain teeters on the edge of Europe and Europe looks to its east for allies, we see the work of the angels in aligning the nations before the return of the Lord.
In Britain, the iron and the clay are struggling to mix as the democratic system is being tested by the desire of the iron establishment to hold onto the status quo and yet the clay has voted that Tarshish should leave Europe.
Russia, Turkey and Iran stand united. Europe, led by Macron and in the face of rejection from Britain, want to move away from Trump’s ideals of internationalism to form political alliances with Russia.
In the middle of world affairs, as ever, is the nation of Israel. The witnesses to the God of the Bible. As they struggle to form a government, at the heart of their internal conflict is the promise of Netanyahu to continue to build on the West Bank. The UN looks on in outrage and many of Israel’s neighbours call for sanctions – meaningful sanctions and if necessary force to stop the building.
Through all this the angels are working to ensure the scene is set for the coming of the just and righteous king, the Lord Jesus Christ, who only can create a kingdom which will fill the whole earth and never be destroyed.
Let us not get angry, frustrated or embroiled in any of the politics of this world. Let us simply watch, with Bibles in our hands, as the divine plan unfolds before our eyes and the world is prepared for the coming of the King.