Sunday, 18 October 2020

The gospel Online #11 'The Way to be Saved'

A Christadelphian Video: 11: The Way to be Saved
Martin Lawrence leads us in this, the last class in this series of webinars and gives a clear examination of what the Bible means when it talks about being saved.
The Gospel of Mark
16:15-16 records Jesus's words, 'Whoever believes (the Gospel ) and is baptised will be saved'
If you have been following this series you will now know what the Gospel is, but saved from what? Watch this last in the series video to find out!

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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

The Gospel Online: Webinar Class :1 'Introducing the Gospel'

 A Christadelphian Video:

The Gospel is the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles who followed him. It was taught by the Old Testament prophets and appears throughout the Bible.
Join us as we embark on this new series of internet-based information videos designed to help you come to an understanding of just what ‘The Real Gospel’ is.
1: Introducing the Gospel:

This, the first in this series of webinars, led by Karam, who addresses the question…
What is the Gospel?
You may have heard the name ‘Gospel’ but do you know what the Gospel is or even what it means? Click image to watch the video and find out.