Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Zephaniah: STUDY 3 Final message of Hope And Glory

This 3 part study series by Brother Andrew Cridland was given during Oct / Nov 2016 at the Christadelphian Cumberland Ecclesia and deals extensively with the Judgements of Yahweh.
God so loves His people that He cannot bear their worship of false gods. As the Kingdom of Judah declines, God's prophet threatens judgment on a disobedient nation. However, the last part of the prophecy is encouraging, because God will restore the nation to favour and ultimate blessing.

The subject is bleak, a miserable story of a wicked era, .
The speaker says that 'Leaping over the threshold' (Zeph 1:9) means a burglary, but there is a margin reference to 1 Sam 5:5 to show it's about idolatry

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