Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Yahweh Shall Roar out of Zion REVIVE: Class 5

We begin this class with an examination of the grand plot of the Kingdom of Men vs. the Kingdom of God and see how these fortunes are reversed at Christ’s return. We then look at the fate of the saints to conquer the world by the sword in the time to come. When the Mid-Heaven proclamation goes forth, calling on all nations to submit to Christ, now enthroned in Zion – we will see how the nations of Europe will rebel. We will examine prophecies in the Old and New Testament that describe the rebellion, and the ultimate destruction of the Beast and False Prophet. We will see how Yahweh will make Israel his goodly horse in battle which the rider of Revelation 19 will command. We will see how the kingdom will ultimately be established, and all nations called upon to submit.

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