Saturday, 9 July 2016


Up until a couple of weeks ago it might have seemed to be a “sure thing,” that the majority of the voters would vote Britain out of the EU, until of course, the assassination of Joe Cox, the British politician near Leeds, and now the country appears to be split 50/50. that might also be because it is easier to stay with what you know than to jump off the cliff into the unknown. Even apparently “bullish” people might think twice and breathe deeply before they vote to exit the EU. So for a number of reasons as we get up towards the final day, you can see the whole issue becoming a lot more 50/50 than once it was in the past, and the fact is, everybody’s worried. George Sorossi, as you might know, a billionaire financial speculator, a currency speculator, actually, said that financial markets in the world are now bracing themselves for “black Friday.” Tomorrow in the UK is the vote, and Friday he says, will be “black Friday.” Well, what he means by that is that if the Brits vote to leave the Eu it will crash the pound, that is to say, it will devalue the pound sterling, which will be a big problem in London.