Saturday, 25 June 2016

Russia Must Conquer Turkey and ally itself with East Europe

We know that God rules in the Kingdoms of Men and we are exhorted to be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.(Rom. 13:1) So it was God’s Will that Britain should join, but afterwards come out. It certainly was a test of our faith, as our traditional viewpoint was that Britain had a role to play which was not as part of the Beast/Dragon/False Prophet system of Rev. 16.
Britain’s joining caused many to look at other interpretations of scripture, and as Britain’s power declined following her earlier withdrawal from the Middle East, the thought of Britain being the Latter-Day Tarshish power seemed incredulous to many. Hence new interpretations. But gradually Britain’s role changed, she has been re-invigorated. She is building strong ties to Israel and the Arab world. And now she has thrown over the shackles of a continental system, supported by the Vatican, to hopefully build upon her Protestant work ethic and zeal, to rebuild her links with the Commonwealth.
True she is a nation far from God, but it is not insignificant that we are 70 years on from a Britain, battered, bruised and broken in her efforts to save Europe from a Germany bent on establishing the Third Reich as a German-centred world. Seventy years on how different the world looks. The eurozone is in deep financial trouble. Greece is so indebted that there seems little future for her within the euro. Italy and Spain are also in financial trouble. Even France and Germany are in a rocky position. This Brexit may well be the final straw that breaks the EU as we know it. Perhaps a European Euroclydon to match the Arab Spring?

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