Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Russia, Must ally with West Europe & Rome End time Prophecy

Taken from a longer video - this snippet shows how the Bible reveals how the end times will unfold.

Where does all this leave the Bible Student?
We, are confident that Britain will eventually distance itself from the European Union, either now or in the future.
In the Last days, Britain (Tarshish of Ezekiel 38) and her allies, collectively described as the 'King of The South', will be the opposition force that asks the invading northern confederacy 'art thou come to take a spoil'(Ezek 38:13).
The greatr image of Daniel 2 must stand tall, united (Daniel 2:35) preparatory to the Stone 'cut out of the mountain without hands' (Dan2:45) smiting it.
It is speculated by many observers, that if Britain does Exit the union - then the union will collapse.
This may open the door for the Dutch to develop their contingency plan for a smaller version of the Schengen Agreement that would include only the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria  or at the very least an alliance of 'LIKE MINDED' countries.
If this eventuates, then we would expect to see a unification centered around the Papacy, 75% of Belgium, 86% of Luxembourg, 31% Netherlands, 72% Austria and 31% of Germany are Catholic. Latest Post From our Popular New additions Blog