Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Brexit: Christadelphian Bro Vic Aucott on BBC Radio- Sarah Julian Interv...

Christadelphian on the Radio.

Below is a short 5 min video created from an excerpt taken from a 3hr plus radio programme that was broadcast live from the BBC on Sunday 19th June.

In the radio programme, broadcast on the BBC Nottingham's 'Sarah Julian's Sunday morning Show', (in which she interviews and discusses current events), Bro Vic Aucott (Notting Forrest Rd ecclesia UK) is asked a number of questions about the 'Christadelphians' relating to how we, as a community are outside of politics.

Bro Vic is invited to give an account as to why we as a community will not be voting in the upcoming referendum vote on June 23.


Bro Vic explains to Sarah why we are not (unlike many other denominations around us), campaigning or encouraging members of the public to vote either way from our Sunday Bible Hour platforms held at our hall's, but instead, inviting them to read what the Bible really teaches about the 'Christian' and politics.

Sarah concludes the interview by saying that "it was a fascinating and good explanation as to why he will not be voting in this or any other opportunity to vote in a referendum or an election"

 The whole episode can be heard here .