Sunday, 8 May 2016

Turkey's Erdogan takes tough EU line after PM quits

President Tayyip Erdogan told the European Union on Friday that Turkey would not make changes to its terrorism laws required under a deal to curb migration, and declared: "we're going our way, you go yours". His fiery speech will be a blow to any hope in European capitals that it might be business as usual with Turkey after Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who negotiated the migration deal with Europe and had largely delivered on Turkey's commitments so far, announced he was standing down.
Basically what is happening is this… The EU wants Turkey to stop migrants reaching Europe. In return member states will give Turks visa free travel into the EU.
But Turkey’s president is not happy with this deal. The migrants are too big an issue for him. The migration crisis (mainly caused by Syria) is causing nations to fall out and tensions are building. Turkey we know will be part of the Gogian invasion. Turkey is Togarmah of Ezekiel 38 and therefore invades Israel with Russia. Latest Post From our Popular New additions Blog