Saturday, 28 May 2016

Being Born Again of The Word Of God - Study 2

“The Gospel of John has been passed down to us by the hands of faithful copyists into the age of computers, IPADs and Smartphones. So do we now need to update the way we read the scriptures and look to modern scholarship  for guidance? The first talk discusses a sound approach to reading and interpreting scripture so that we can be “born again … by the word of God”. The second talk looks closely at the opening chapter of the gospel and discusses the significance of the allusions to Moses and the Name of God, and to significant events in the life of Jacob. These links to Hebrew scriptures  make us marvel at the wonder of the wholly inspired word of God. It is this word of God that will change our lives eternally if we are prepared to read it carefully and come to know and follow Jesus the Christ, the Son of God.”