Friday, 29 April 2016

Introducing the Christadelphians - Who, Why, What, Where?

Walking down the streets of your town, you may have noticed a hall with “CHRISTADELPHIANS” on the sign outside. Who, you may wonder, are these people, and what do they stand for?
Christadelphians are found in most countries of the world. We believe the Bible is God’s handbook for life, and read it daily for comfort and advice. We model our beliefs and practices as closely as
we can on the first century church, which makes us different to most other Christian groups. For example, we have no paid priests or pastors, because there were none in the time of the apostles. We do not feel bound to tithe our income, or keep Sabbaths, or burn incense, because these practices were left behind with the Law of Moses, and not repeated in the New Testament. We call each other ‘brother’ or ‘sister’.
We practise only adult baptism.
Like the early Christians, we expect Jesus to return from heaven to be a king on the earth, bringing justice and peace.
As this could be any time, we try to live as pilgrims, ready to leave and be with him. If we die, we hope to be raised back to life when Jesus comes. We believe the Jews are still God’s people, and will be restored to him. And we follow these simple rules – love God, love each other, love your neighbours, and remember Jesus in bread and wine. If this sounds interesting, please read on to find out more about us!

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