Sunday, 21 February 2016

Britain’s relationship with the EU set to change on June 23rd - The ANGE...

This week the UK media has been full of Prime Minister David Cameron’s preliminary revelations on a new negotiated deal he is seeking to make with Europe. During this weeks Bible in the News we again review recent events relating to Britain and Europe in the light of Bible prophecy. This is Matt Davies joining you.
The draft deal released
On Tuesday this week, a draft agreement was released of David Cameron’s proposed reforms. The two key areas of the deal are around fresh EU immigrants claiming benefits as soon as they arrive in the UK and the UK having the right to use a “red card” to block unwanted EU laws.
David Cameron has stated he is "happy to be judged" on his EU reform deal and has publicly stated that he believes it will be enough to satisfy the concerns of the public and allow the UK to remain part of the EU. However the proposed reforms are not fully in place with David Cameron being set to meet key European Union figures over the next few weeks to seek them to back the deal aimed at keeping Britain in the EU. Once this is achieved, if indeed it is, the deal will then be put to the UK public to vote on whether to stay in the EU under the terms of the new deal or to leave it.
However the draft deal has not gone down too well both at home in the UK or among the European leaders.