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2015 – A Year of Terror - Common Theme: Against My People Israel!

2015 – A Year of Terror

As the news media throughout the world reflect on 2015, a common theme emerges, terrorism. The cancellation of New Years celebration fireworks in Paris, the entire celebration in Brussels, and the shut down of the train station in Munich are all stinging reminders of the terror of the past year.
The war on ISIL has taken centre stage following the terror attacks in Paris. France and Germany’s participation with Russia in the war on Isis in Syria and will continue for some time into the future.
Arutz Sheva columnist Yochannan Visser, stated the following:
Yochannan Visser
More than 70 nations are now involved in the war against ‘terror,’ a politically correct euphemism for this battle against Islamic State and affiliated Jihadist groups that is still used by many Western leaders including the president of the United States. Three separate coalitions were formed this year to fight Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Each of them has its own objectives, and none of them uses its full military potential to wipe Islamic State from the face of the earth.
His analysis places the root cause in the religious vision of ISIS:
The biggest problem with the current situation in the Middle East is that Islamic State has a plan and is working in accordance with a clear apocalyptic vision that is visible in its actions. This vision is based on Sunni end-of-times prophecies that include three major battles in the territory of al-Sham (Syria and Israel in this case) and one in the vicinity of Rome in Italy.
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