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New True Bible Teaching Articles

New True Bible Teaching Articles
At TBT our aim is to keep putting before our readers the True Teaching of the Bible so that all those who wish to "worship the Father in Truth and Spirit" may do so and live with joy and confidence knowing that they are on the "straight and narrow path" to LIFE ETERNAL.

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Hezbollah in Israel's crosshairs
The Israeli army raises the stakes in the fight against its arch-foe
May 2nd 2015 | JERUSALEM |
We’re watching you!
IT WILL seem paradoxical, but for all the tumult around it, Israel has rarely seemed more secure. Egypt, after the counter-revolution of Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, is a close friend that shares Israel’s loathing of the Islamist Hamas movement in Gaza. Saudi Arabia is an undeclared ally against Iran. Iraq is debilitated by civil war. Syria has imploded, and has given up enough of its chemical weapons for Israel to halt distribution of gas masks. The jihadists who have filled the vacuum are too busy fighting Arab foes to worry much about the Zionist enemy.
That leaves two worries. One is Iran. Israel is convinced that the Islamic republic is seeking to build nuclear weapons under the guise of a nuclear-power project. Israel has denounced America’s talks with Iran as a “bad deal”. But if a nuclear accord is signed, the threat of an Iranian bomb should be delayed by a decade or more. The second, more immediate, concern is Iran’s Lebanese client, Hezbollah.
Israeli intelligence reckons the Shia militia-cum-party is armed with around 100,000 missiles of various ranges. Israel is anxious to stop it acquiring more accurate missiles which, as well as sowing fear in Israeli towns, can target specific strategic installations and might be armed with chemicals. “They are closing the qualitative gap,” said the outgoing head of the home front command, Major-General Eyal Eizenberg, warning darkly that, in any future confrontation, Hezbollah would launch “between 1,000 and 1,500 rockets daily.”
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Bible Teaching and Christian Life
There were some people living in Corinth in New Testament times who were sceptics. They did not believe in any other world than this world, they saw no evidence for any other life than this life, and out of this belief they formed this proverb:
“Let us eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.”
They lived lives which were wholly sensual and transient and that way of life arose directly out of their philosophy.
By contrast, the Bible records the lives of many people who were transformed by the things they came to believe, people like the apostle Paul.
He started out as someone who hated the very sound of the name of Jesus of Nazareth and was determined to persecute his followers and have them executed, if need be.
He came to understand differently, however, and became an ardent follower of the Lord Jesus, eventually being executed himself because he would not renounce his beliefs. So what is it about the teachings of the Bible that might change the way we think and thus the way we feel and act? We will look at some of the key teachings of the Bible to test this out.
Another Horizontal Gene Transfer Fairy Tale
As the genomes of many new creatures rapidly fill the public DNA sequence databases, the problems for the grand evolutionary story are becoming overwhelming. One issue is the fact that different creatures have unique sets of genes specific to their kind with no apparent evolutionary history. To explain this glaring problem, evolutionists have resorted to the myth of pervasive horizontal gene transfer.
Twins Provide Peek Into Mankind's Origin
Lucy and Maria Aylmer are 18-year-old twins from the United Kingdom. They were born on the same day from the same mother, yet one has light skin and hair, and the other has dark skin and dark, curlier hair. Their unique story illustrates how human-trait variations found around the world could have arisen suddenly in Noah's offspring.
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Iranian Nuclear Deal Helps Form Arab States into Biblical Alignment
 Saudia Arabia and the other Arab states are responding to the Iranian deal with
The American-Iranian Nuclear deal has brought strong criticism from Israel and the Arab states. Israel sees it as a threat to its existence. One of the outcomes has been the development of closer ties between the Arab states, answering to the "Sheba and Dedan" of Ezekiel, and also the development of better relationships with Israel.
Headlines this week revolved around the historic agreement between the USA and Iran regarding the nuclear agreement.
President Obama proudly took the podium brag about his “peace in our time” nuclear agreement. Here are some of the excerpts of his deal:
Jesus Christ the Son of God and Son of Man
The origin of the Son
How Jesus came to exist is explained in simple terms in the Gospel of Luke. To Mary, a God-fearing virgin in Israel, herself a descendant of David the King, there appeared an angel with a very remarkable message:
“Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee … Thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus (Saviour). He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David … and of his kingdom there shall be no end.” (Luke 1:28-33)
Let us pause for a moment to appreciate the shock of surprise and then exhilaration that these words would provoke in her. She knew quite well the promise made to David over 900 years before. A descendant (son) of David would be the means of restoring the glory of the kingdom of Israel, and of reconciling Israel to God. This was the long expected Messiah, and she was actually to be his mother. Her child was to reign on David’s throne!
But then – perplexity. Although Mary was betrothed to a God-fearing Israelite named Joseph, they were not yet married, and there could be no question of a child being born until they were. How then, Mary asks the angel, can this promise come to pass? The angel is quite explicit in his reply:
“The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee,and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.” (verse 35)
Mosasaur Babies: Aren't They Cute?
We often hear claims that birds are similar to dinosaurs, but birds and mosasaurs? Mosasaurs were swimming reptiles. How can they be confused with birds? A recent study published in Palaeontology by Yale University's Daniel Field and his colleagues clears up some of this confusion and in the end, illustrates a mosasaur lifecycle of marvelous design.
Saturn's Enceladus Looks Younger than Ever
The more we learn about Enceladus, the younger it looks. Stated another way, the more that our space probes discover about this fascinating little moon that inhabits Saturn's tenuous E ring, the more challenging it becomes for conventional origins to explain. A new discovery adds to the list of young-looking Enceladus features.
The God of Science
Science is a systematic knowledge of the physical or material universe gained by observable facts. The sacred writings of all world religions basically contain a system of faith. Yet each do make statements within the province of science that provides a uniquely valid test to prove their authenticity. If their scientific observations are in reality superstitions reflective of the culture in which they were written, these so called sacred books are disqualified as the inspired Scripture of God. If, indeed, the scientific observations of any of these purported Holy Scripture agree with the facts of science today, then that Bible is the inspired Word of a true and living God. Why? The Creator and God of the universe is the God of science — the author of the scientific laws that govern His universe. Only the God of science could cause scientific facts to be recorded in a book —the Bible — hundreds or thousands of years before scientists discover them.
Only the Bible contains scientific facts that anticipated scientific discovery by hundreds and in some cases several thousands of years. The following are examples of remarkable scientific observations found in the Bible.