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Latest News & PROPHECY Britain's retreat and the rise of Germany 24-11-2014

Britain's retreat and the rise of Germany 24-11-2014
Britain's EU retreat means German hegemony warns Prodi
The EU is either a treaty club of democracies and equals, or it is nothing
Romano Prodi former President of the European CommissionRomano Prodi was president of the European Commission from 1999 to 2004 
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International Business Editor 5:37PM GMT 24 Nov 2014
Britain is already a lame duck within the EU’s internal governing structure and is losing influence “by the day” in Brussels, even before David Cameron holds a referendum on withdrawal.
This self-isolation has upset the European balance of power in profound ways, leading ineluctably to German hegemony and a unipolar system centred on Berlin. It is made worse by the near catatonic condition of France under Francois Hollande.
Smaller states no longer form clusters of alliances around a three-legged diplomatic edifice made up of Germany, France, and Britain. They are instead scrambling to adapt to a new European order where only one state now counts. So too is the EU’s permanent civil service and the institutional machinery in Brussels and Luxembourg.
Such is the verdict of Roman Prodi, the former Italian premier and ex-president of the European Commission.
I pass on his thoughts because the Brexit debate in the UK invariably dwells on what the consequences might or might not be for Britain, while taking it for granted that Europe itself would somehow sail on sedately as if nothing had changed. But everything would change, and we can already discern it.
 “France is ever more disoriented and Britain is losing power by the day in Brussels after its decision to hold a referendum on EU membership,” he said.
“All the countries that previously maintained an equilibrium between Germany, France, and Britain (from Poland, to the Baltic States, passing through Sweden and Portugal) are regrouping under the German umbrella,” he told the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.
“Germany is exercising an almost solitary power. The new presidents of the Commission and the Council are men who rotate around Germany’s orbit, and above all there is a very strong (German) presence among the directors, heads of cabinet and their deputies. The bureaucracy is adapting to the new correlation of forces,” he said.
“Even the Americans are doing so. When there is a problem between Europe and the United States, President Obama telephones Mrs Merkel, not the British prime minister. In short, Germany has become the referee of Europe. As is well known, the rules in football are enforced when the referee whistles, and right now Germany is issuing the yellow card to a lot of countries,” he said.
This is a very interesting HEADLINE as with Britain's departure from the EU in line with Bible Prophecy, Bible Students also expect to see Germany become the dominate power of the EU known in Bible Prophecy as the "land of Magog" with Russia as her "guard"  This latter day alignment of Nations has been foretold in the Bible 2,500 yrs ago and is now taking shape before our very eyes.  This is a wakeup call for all those looking for Christ's Return as this day is also drawing near!  Russia and the EU will invade the Middle East and Christ will destroy their armies on the mountains of Israel.