Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Vladimir Putin continues to perplex & confound the international community.  Hard on the heals of his lightning annexation of the strategically critical Crimean Peninsula , Putin's ongoing destabilisation of Ukraine is escalating to boiling point.  Directly implicated in the downing of Malaysian Flight MH-17 Putin has artfully deflected any culpability , instead masquerading as a ' humanitarian & peace-maker ' sending a massive 280 truck aid convoy to the Ukraine border.  Amid deep & justified distrust , many demanded an independent inspection , believing the convoy to be a " Trojan Horse " to bolster Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine.  Meanwhile , as the mysterious aid convoy caused an media firestorm , reports emerged Putin secretly dispatched Russian artillery & equipment over the border before Ukraine forces attacked & destroyed a Russian armoured column.  As we see this master of ' deceit & deception ' continue to alternate between a self-styled ' peace-loving ' pragmatist  &  a predatory pariah , how amazing God's Word so accurately described Putin's behaviour over 2,000 yrs in advance ??  Just 3 verses give stunning insight into Putin's coming exploits
Daniel 8v23-25 - In the latter time ... a king of fierce countenance , understanding dark sentences ( ex-KGB ) shall stand up  &  his power shall be mighty  but not by his own power  &  he shall destroy wonderfully   &   shall prosper  &  practise  &  shall destroy ' the mighty ' ( USA ? )   &  ' the holy people ' ( Israel )  &  thro' his policy he shall cause craft  ( ' deceit ' )  to prosper in his hand  &  he shall magnify himself in his heart  & ' BY PEACE ' shall destroy many :  he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes ( Christ ) but he shall be broken without hand
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