Thursday, 31 July 2014


n the aftermath of the Malaysian MH-17 tragedy , western leaders abhorred by the blatant & brutal criminality of this incident  &  the unmistakable fingerprints of Vladimir Putin , have found new resolve  &  are now moving to further tighten economic sanctions against Russia.  Instead of contrition , a defiant & combative Vladimir Putin has threatened retaliatory sanctions against the EU  &  further directed his ire at the EU's most vocal voice Britain , warning Russia will confiscate the Russian-based assets of major UK energy companies such as BP & Shell , if EU sanctions are imposed.  Further escalating tensions , Putin's Armed Forces also shot down 2 Ukrainian military jets in Ukrainian airspace in the days following MH-17.  Amid troubling reports Russia is now pouring weaponry & equipment into East Ukraine & moving some 15,000 troops to the border , Putin's forces have been caught launching artillery fire from Russian territory against Ukrainian forces - the ' first time ' since 1939 a European country has been attacked by another sovereign country.  In the face of US-EU unwillingness to confront Russia militarily ( repeating the pre-WW2 miscalculation )  the expanding sanctions against Russia will be the trigger that unleashes Russia's military expansionsim far beyond the Ukraine.

HOW AMAZING !!!  Over 2,500 years ago God's Word , the Bible described the exact circumstances & reason for Russia's coming latter-day descent into the Middle East.  In Ezekiel 38 , in His own words , God states explicitly He will bring this dictator ( ' Gog ' ) with his confederate allies , to ' the land '  against the mountains of Israel.  In vivid language , he says He will put ' hooks in the jaws ' of this northern invader indicating  severe economic necessity  ( not ' choice ' )  will drag Russia down to the riches  &  resources in the Middle East to ' take a spoil '.  As we see  more sanctions  cripple Russia's crumbling economy . . . Russia will be ' preparing itself  ' !!!
Ezek 38v3-8  -  I am against thee O Gog , ' chief prince ' of Meshech & Tubal ( Russia ) :  I will turn thee back  &  put hooks into thy jaws  &  I will bring thee forth  &  all thine army , even a great company Persia  ( Iran ) , Ethiopia  &  Libya with them , Gomer  &  all his bands ;  the house of Togarmah ( Turkey ) of the north quarters  &  all his bands  &  many people with thee.  Be thou prepared  &  prepare for thyself , thou & all thy company that are assembled unto thee  &  be thou ' a guard ' unto them.  In the latter years , thou shalt come into ' the land '  that is ' brought back from the sword '  &  is ' gathered out of many people ', against the mountains of Israel