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Published on 20 Sep 2012
Published 2 years ago !!! ... Now he begins his quest

Stunning Proof !!! Next Global Dictator is identified in Bible Prophecy. See the terrible atrocities God's Word foretells this Tyrant will commit , as he leads his emerging "super-power" nation into the coming global conflict.
THE MOST comprehensive examination of Vladimir Putin's rise in Prophecy. VIEW TO THE END & understand the future before it happens !!!Fearful events continue to shock the world.  ' Global crises ' are spreading  &  world leaders & nations are helpless to stem the emerging wave of uncertainty , violence & chaos.  Now , we see the convergence of a ' geopolitical ' perfect storm.  With the horrific downing of Malaysian Air Flight MH117  -  global fears are realised  -  as Vladimir Putin stands menacingly as a dark shadow over this incident that has sparked international outrage.  As the President of a global super-power ( with the world's largest & most lethal nuclear arsenal at his fingertips )  the world watches nervously as Putin displays increasing lawlessness  &  disdain for world order.

Already extending his power & influence through the Middle East  &  Latin-America , Putin continues to ' openly destabilise '  the Ukraine militarily  &  threaten the wider EU strategically.  With Vladimir Putin now clearly implicated in the shooting of Flight MH-17 we now see the leader of a major nation & superpower participating in ' state-sponsored  terrorism '.  This man's ambition knows no limits  &  he will soon inflict distress & chaos among the nations.  Please watch our informational video which lays out the Bible Prophecies which fully detail the ' coming exploits ' of this  brutal ' end-times ' dictator ,  before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ
Luke 21v25-28  -  There shall be signs  in the sun  &  in the moon  &  in the stars  &  upon the earth ' distress of nations ' with perplexity  . . . Men's hearts failing them  for fear  &  for looking after ' those things ' which are  coming on the earth : for the ' powers of heaven ' ( ' earthly political ' ) shall be shaken . . . And  then  shall they see ' the Son of man ' ( Lord Jesus Christ )  coming  in a cloud with power  &  great glory . . . When these things  ' BEGIN '  to come to pass , then look up  &  lift up your heads ; for your redemption draweth nigh