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Britain Takes Dramatic Step Towards EU EXIT 27-06-2014
Britain takes dramatic step towards EU exit door as Jean-Claude Juncker elected Commission president, leaving Cameron humiliated

Jean-Claude Juncker elected Commission President of the EULuxembourger nominated by EU leaders to be next Commission president
Only Hungary backed Britain against 26 other EU countries
Decision a humiliating blow for Cameron who said it was 'worrying moment'
Furious Cameron says EU leaders could 'live to regret' snub
Prime Minister attacked Merkel and other EU leaders for ignoring Britain
Said he was 'completely unapologetic' about fighting Juncker's appointment
Tells EU leaders there will be 'consequences' of ignoring Britain's opposition
But Cameron told to 'wake up and smell the coffee' by Finland's premier
Fears among other European leaders that vote could force UK out of Europe
UKIP says 'humiliated and defeated' Cameron 'Johnny No Mates of Europe'
Labour claim Prime Minister has united Europe against the United Kingdom
By Tom Mctague, Mail Online Deputy Political Editor

Published: 08:52 GMT, 27 June 2014 | Updated: 18:21 GMT, 27 June 2014

Britain today took a dramatic step towards leaving the European Union after David Cameron was humiliated in his bid to block 'arch federalist' Jean-Claude Juncker getting Brussels' most powerful post.

Mr Cameron made a last ditch plea to other European leaders not to appoint Mr Juncker the president of the EU Commission, warning they would 'live to regret' their decision.

But the Prime Minister was defeated by 26 countries to two - with only Hungary siding with the UK. Brussels chief Herman Van Rompuy announced on Twitter: 'Decision made. The European Council proposes Jean-Claude Juncker as the next President of the European Commission.'

Asked about the chances of renegotiation Britain's EU membership in the wake of the humiliation, Mr Cameron said: 'The job has got harder. It makes it harder and it makes the stakes higher.'


German Chancellor Angela Merkel never wanted hard-drinking Jean-Claude Juncker to become the next European Commission President, it was claimed today.

Der Spiegel magazine in Germany said that despite her repeated public support for the controversial former Luxembourg premier she was always lukewarm on him.

The magazine listed the allegations levelled against Mr Juncker in British and German media which have cast doubt on his suitability for the top EU job.

'The man from Luxembourg quite likes drinking, we read, on top of that he is lazy and drained.

'He gives speeches to lobby groups for lots of money and his father was a crazy Nazi…. Even the worst and wrong rumours about him are socially acceptable in Europe,' the magazine wrote.

Despite the criticism, Mrs Merkel repeatedly backed him as her preferred candidate for the post. She recently dismissed speculation that she would have preferred another candidate.

However Der Spiegel said that with Mr Jucker as EU Commission President, Angela Merkel was getting a 'commission president she actually didn’t want.

'Like other EU leaders, she knew exactly what Mr Juncker’s weaknesses were but that they did not perturb them because they wanted a compromise candidate.

'Europe’s master female strategist has miscalculated. Next time more capable candidates will run for the job,' it added.

Der Spiegel had previously backed Mr Juncker. It accused Britain of trying to strongarm the EU with its opposition to him: 'Join in or drop out – the European Union should not allow itself to be blackmailed by Great Britain any longer', it said earlier this month.

Powerful Germany daily Bild wrote yesterday that David Cameron would return from the Brussels summit 'like Wayne Rooney – defeated.'

The Prime Minister added: 'This is going to be a long, tough fight and frankly sometimes you have to be prepared to lose a battle in order to win a war. It has only stiffened my resolve to fight for reform in the EU, because it is crying out for it.'

And asked directly if he might end up recommending a British exit in the referendum, he said: 'I believe Britain's national interest lies in reforming the EU, holding a referendum about that reform in the EU and recommending that we stay in a reformed European Union.

'Has that got harder to achieve? Yes. Is it still the right thing to do? Yes. Will I give it absolutely everything I have got to achieve it? Yes, I will.'

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