Saturday, 19 April 2014

​There is  simply  NO DOUBT  . . .  the Lord Jesus Christ will  soon  return to the earth !!!  
To provide you with  ' the facts '  we listed TEN of the most notable global signs warning of the Lord's imminent return​
  Over 2,000 years ago , the Bible precisely described events  &  conditions that would precede the Lord's coming.  Please read through the ' Top10 Signs '  &  consider the amazing accuracy of the parallel Bible passages  . . .  THEN decide for yourself

SIGN # 1 -- JERUSALEM ... Centre of Coming World Conflict​​​
The Holy City ,  Jerusalem ,  historically is the home of 3 global religions Christianity ,  Judaism & Islam ).  No other city in the world has caused so much controversy & bloodshed. For over 2,000 years , the Bible has " fore-told " it would become the center of world wide contention.  In 1967 Israel re-claimed its ancient capital Jerusalem ( after nearly 2,000 years ).  In the 46 years since , the Palestinians have waged an often violent struggle to arrest control of Jerusalem. The fight for Jerusalem in the past decade has escalated , culminating in Sept'2011 with the Palestinian bid for statehoodbefore the United Nations , setting the scene for the  final dramatic conflict  before Christ's return.

Zechariah 12v2-9
Behold ,  I will make   JERUSALEM  a  ' cup of trembling '  unto all the people round about , when they shall be in the siege ​both against  Judah  &  against Jerusalem.  In that day  will I make   JERUSALEM  a  ' burdensome stone '   for all people  :  all that burden themselves with  IT  shall be cut in pieces ,  though  all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.  And it shall it come to pass  in that day ,  that  I  will  seek to destroy  ALL the nations  that come against  JERUSALEM