Saturday, 19 April 2014

There is  simply  NO DOUBT  . . .  the Lord Jesus Christ will  soon  return to the earth !!!  

To provide you with  ' the facts '  we listed TEN of the most notable global signs warning of the Lord's imminent return​

  Over 2,000 years ago , the Bible precisely described events  &  conditions that would precede the Lord's coming.  Please read through the ' Top10 Signs '  &  consider the amazing accuracy of the parallel Bible passages  . . .  THEN decide for yourself


Turmoil is spreading around the world.  With the USA , China  &  multiple European economies in debt crises ,  global stock markets reeling ,  global food shortages  &  skyrocketing prices ,  climate  &  energy crises  around the globe ,  mass protests & uprisings  world-wide  ,  political & corporate corruption rife ,  inequality & injustice everywhere  &  NOsolutions to these burgeoning dilemmas  -  mankind's overwhelming problems threaten to bring the total collapse of the global community.  These ' exact conditions ' have long been predicted in God's Word the Bible &  herald the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ from heaven.

Luke 21v25-27
There shall be  ' SIGNS '  in the sun  &  in the moon  &  in the stars  &  upon the earth  DISTRESS OF NATIONS  withPERPLEXITY  the sea  &  the waves roaring.  Men's hearts failing them FOR FEAR  &  for looking after those things which ARE COMING on the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.  And  THEN  shall they see  the Son of man  coming in a cloud with power  &  great glory